Residential Center

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On a small plot of land on the outskirts of Battambang City, Homeland has five houses which support up to 12 children each. Currently, 54 children, 20 boys and 34 girls stay at the center.

Our residents, between 5 and 18 years old, are living at Homeland for a number of reasons. We support children who have been orphaned, children who have been the victims of abuse or trafficking, and children whose parents simply no longer have the capacity to care for them.

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Residents at Homeland are provided with meals and accommodation, healthcare and education, and important developmental activities. In each house, there is a House Mother who cares for the children. Homeland also has a dedicated team of 6 social workers who provide additional support. Whenever possible, families of Homeland children also participate in our programs and services.

While reintegration is a top priority for Homeland, we also have many long term residents. Regardless of a child’s background, we strive to provide her with a loving home.

Daily Activities & Care

Homeland has 5 dormitories (3 for girls and 2 for boys). In addition, our center is equipped with a full playground, library, and arts center for dance and music lessons.

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All of our children eat three nutritious meals a day, prepared by cook and housemother, Madam Mok! Our favorites include fish soup and Khmer curry.

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Every quarter, our children receive a full-body check-up from Battambang Referral Hospital. In the event that a child falls ill, she is first assessed at the center by our housemothers and then taken to Slaket Health Clinic for treatment.


One child attends kindergarten, 41 children attend Chrey Khoung & Metapeap Primary School, 6 attend Sor Hor Secondary School, and 6 attend Prey Mony Vong High School. In addition, all attend private tuition. Every afternoon, all of our children attend English Conversation Class at the center. We also plan to send our most advanced students for an intensive English course at a private university.

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At Homeland, we value sports and the arts. Through a partnership with a local NGO, SALT Academy, our children attend weekly soccer practice held at the center. In addition, our children attend traditional dance class, music lessons, and drama workshops in the afternoons and on the weekends.

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At Homeland, we also want kids to be kids! We host multiple field trips a year to culture and historical sites around Battambang such as Ek Phnom Temple. In addition, we celebrate everything from birthdays to Khmer New Year to Halloween!

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As soon as a child enters Homeland, she is assigned a case manager and social worker. While the case manager is in charge of the child’s life at the center, the social worker begins the process of reintegrating the child into the community. Our social workers first trace the child’s family. Once her parents or close kin are found, our social workers create a case plan for reunifying the child. In extreme cases, no suitable family can be found. Many children in these situations come from traumatic pasts involving physical abuse or sex trafficking and suffer from mental illness. We provide them with one-on-one counseling at the center and specialized mental health support in Phnom Penh.