Community Support



Family Support

Our services for Homeland children continue long after they leave the center. Homeland’s social work team follows-up once every three-months in the first year after children are reunified with their families. In addition, for households who need material support, Homeland provides assistance for school fees and food supplements. Currently 20 families are accessing school support, and 20 are receiving rice, oil, and salt supplements.


Kamrieng Drop-in Center

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Located on Cambodia’s western border with Thailand, Kamrieng District is one of the poorest areas of Cambodia. Homeland runs a drop-in center for vulnerable children and street children where they can receive food, a shower, and a place to rest during the day. In addition, the center hosts non-formal education classes covering basic arithmetic and literacy. Currently, 35 children visit our drop-in center every day.


Microcredit Loan Program
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Skills training graduates and families of Homeland children are eligible for a microcredit loan from 250 to 5,000 dollars. To date $25,735 in loans has been released to 80 families. All participants receive business training and regular follow-up from Homeland staff.


Self-Help Groups

In our years of experience, we have found that asset-based development is the most effective at raising families out of poverty. Thus, Homeland encourages families to join together to form savings circles and agricultural cooperatives. We have established 12 self-help groups across 21 villages comprising of 203 members.