Support a Project

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Interested in sponsoring a family’s micro-loan? Want to fund a specific Homeland program? Supporting a project is hassle free!

Targeted Donations

If you wish to donate to a specific program, please contact We have many services – from skills training to monthly food support to vulnerable families – which you can contribute to! We will send you a catalog of projects and work with you to customize your donation.

Should you wish to donate on someone’s behalf, we are able to present them a certificate on your behalf.

Creating a Fundraiser

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If you have a specific Homeland program you are interested in supporting, creating a fundraiser is easy as one, two, three:

  1. Create an account with our partner charity portal, GIVEAsia.
  2. Create a movement on GIVEAsia and link it to our charity account.
  3. Share your fundraiser on social media and begin collecting donations from your family, friends, friends of friends…!


If you are a foundation or NGO wishing to fund Homeland, please contact Our finance and outreach team will be in touch with you shortly.