02 May

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

Garrett At Pro - good and waterproof

The Garrett AT Pro metal detector is one of their best. This model is deep-seeking and has excellent target discrimination. It’s professional grade suitable for competition events. Even so, the list price is a relatively low $700. I’ve been able to find it at 10-15% off.

The “AT” cleverly stands for both All Terrain and All Treasure. Advanced ground balance lets it work under nearly all conditions, ranging from dusty to humid to wet, even to underwater. It’s also adjustable to emphasize different treasures while rejecting iron junk.

The combination of sensitivity and selectivity makes this model especially good at hunting coins, jewelery, and hidden caches. So the AT Pro is great for ghost-town and historical-site hunting. It’s also good for prospecting, being able to detect gold nuggets. In addition to the usual beach sand hunting, this Garrett model will even let you go into salt water and fresh water.

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

  • coils – 8.5 x 11 inch “PROformance DD”; other coils available
  • frequency — 15 kHz
  • weight — 3 pounds
  • display – LCD with Graphic Target Analyzer
  • setting entry – touchpad
  • coin depth indicator

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Specifications

The AT Pro comes with two coils, headphones, and a touch pad display. Submersible headphones are available for about $100. Of course, there’s a built-in arm rest.

  • Discrimination modes – There are 6 user-selectable target discrimination patterns. In addition there is an electronic pinpointing mood. Iron rejection is high- resolution, with 40 different settings.
  • Fast recovery speed — improves discrimination of good targets versus trash
  • Ground balance – manual and automatic. Automatic ground balance is an advanced feature available only on the AT Pro and GTI 2500
  • Weatherproof housing – for high-humidity conditions, submersible to 10 feet underwater

Garrett AT Pro Benefits

The combination of audio, iron discrimination, and target discrimination make this model especially good at separating good hits from trash. You’ll get a pretty good idea of your find before you dig. Plus, its coin-depth and target conductivity indicators can really speed up your hunting. It’s discrimination patterns and sensitivity give its great reputation for locating small targets. In many cases you won’t even need a pin pointer to locate caches and similar targets. The waterproof coil and weatherproof housing allow you to use it for wading searches.

Everything functions fine in fresh water as well as sea water. I’ve heard of this model being used in snorkel hunting, but personally I keep my display out of the water.

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