07 Nov

About Metal Detecting

Relic hunting napoleonic tin buttons

When it comes to metal detecting hunts the question is always ‘Where do I hunt for treasures?’ In hunting for valuables you may also find some other treasures such as the rich history of a place, the exercise you are getting or the relaxation of being in the outdoors. For most detectorists, this is only a means to an end but it enriches your hobby if you keep it in mind and enjoy everything from studying the history of a place to finally finding a treasure. Let’s look at a few suggestions where to hunt for treasures and what you can expect to find.

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24 Jul

How You Can Become A Modern Day Treasure Hunter

Metal detecting has become one of the faster growing hobbies in the world. Everyone has dreamed about being some sort of treasure hunter at one point in their life.

The excitement of looking for something hidden and eventually finding it is a feeling that just cannot be found anywhere else. Your finds can range from valuable gold to incredible historical pieces.

One of metal detecting’s best features is that it is a hobby that can actually earn you money. When done correctly, you will actually make a profit doing something that you love. What can be better?

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03 May

The Top 10 Sioux Indian Treasure Hunting Finds

minelab equinox metal detector

Treasure hunting is certainly going to be something that hundreds of people look to today. It is in a sense unique in terms of how you can locate and find ancient and wonderful artifacts because more often than not, you don’t get to see ancient items such as Sioux Indian treasures unless it’s in a museum. For most people they want to know about Sioux Indians and how they lived and not by just watching movies.

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