Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector

fisher gold bug metal detector review

Whether you want to find big gold pieces or small ones, it is best that you will carry a Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector along with you. It is a product that is made to give only the best functions for your needs and make it possible to get the one suited for your needs. You will not have to worry about the risk of losing your patience with missing out certain spaces over and over again since this detector is sure to be suitable for your needs.

Who Could Buy/Benefit from the Product?

Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector is a product that is suitable for those people who are in search for real metal items and not just any typical trashes that are underneath the location where the hunt is conducted. It is equipped with features that are sure to give users the ease of adjusting the setting of the detector and make it possible to search for the priceless items that they would add in their collection. The product is sure to be a good addition to the detecting tools that are used commonly when searching for important metal pieces.

Product Description

When talking about metal detection, Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector is the best product that you should not miss considering. Since it is designed with features that are sure to find only the best pieces of metal, people who are eager to find the best set or pieces of gold are sure to find what they need when they get their own unit of the product. It is gaining its popularity due to the fact that it can help in finding gold and other metal items that are sure to add up the color and worth of their collection.

Fisher Gold Bug

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Product Features

  • Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector has gain and threshold adjustments of 1 9v as its power supply
  • The product has a ¼” and 1/8“ Headphone Jack
  • It has an LCD Screen display that is large enough for you to see the 0-99 numeric target as its identification
  • The detector has the lightest weight and the best ergonomics
  • It also includes a No-Motion pinpoint feature that allows you to get a computer assisted ground grab and balance. This is the feature that provides a readout for the ground phase and mineralization continuously.
  • It has 2 choices for its search modes, which are Discriminate and All-Metal with a 19kHz capability for its operating frequency
  • The product has a 2 Tone VCO that is super sensitive and has an indicator for a depth readout and the signal strength when running
  • It is highly recommended for prospecting or searching for different sizes of gold nuggets
  • The price range for the product starts from $495.00 to $500.00


Since Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector is equipped with many improved and special features for detecting all sorts of metal, people are assured that they will get a product that is perfect for searching for precious items in a wide location. It is needed that you will use a product that is suitable for your wide search making this metal detector the best option for your needs. You will not have to worry about missing out any parts of the location since Fisher assures jewel, relics and gold hunters the ease of getting the product that is suitable for the preferences that you have set for your next metal detector. With high frequency capability, you are assured that you can find all the possible metals that were buried anywhere in your current.


With Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector, the only disadvantage that you may encounter is that, you should purchase your headphones separately from Fisher. As soon as you get your own pair, you can maximize its functions and get its benefits completely.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector got 1 review from a satisfied client, who rated it for 5 stars. If you want to share your review about the product, then purchase your own unit and write a review to help other people to decide with getting this metal detector for their needs.


Considering all of the features and functions that Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector can provide, there is no doubt that people can get the best results from their hunt. Whether they are planning to conduct a search in any place, this metal detector is sure to function at its best. You should not have any second thoughts about the detector, since it is designed and manufactured to give you the convenience of finding the product that you want with ease. The price is not a problem since it can be purchased at a price range that is very affordable and will not go out of your fixed budget for purchasing such tools.